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New stuff: Dina drömmar EP

00 - Front

In a flash of creativity and thanks to some new software instruments I recorded three songs in a few weeks time. I chose to put them all together as an EP with “Dina drömmar” as the title song.

1. Dina Drömmar
An song that I wrote and recorded some years ago, but as my recording skills has become better I wanted to give the song a new costume, and I really think it’s a successful makeover.

2. Ode to a friend
As the title of the song suggest it’s a tribute to a close friend that was taken away way to early in our 15’s. By far the most sentimental song I ever wrote.

3. Partisanen
A cover of La Complainte du Partisan, an old song from the French resistance movement during World War II and made famous by the fantastic Leonard Cohen. The lyric is a free translation of the English lyrics by Cohen. Original text by  Emmanuele d’Astier de la Vigeria and original music by Anna Marley in 1943.

Recorded and engineered by myself in my homestudio.
Mixed by Kevin Carafa, Portland Oregon, US
Mastered via LANDR

The songs are available on




1. Dina drömmar
2. Ode to a friend
3. Partisanen




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NEW SONG: Psalm för syndare


After one and a half year I finally got a new song together. The song is in Swedish and the idea for the melody comes from an old Swedish psalm, therefore the name of the song “Psalm for sinners”.

Recorded and arranged by myself in my home studio.

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Dion at Quantum-Music, Montreal, Canada.

Album cover by Boxofwolves

So listen to it and of course if you like, share it as much as you like.

MP3 (Right-click and download to save)

Lyrics (With English and Spanish tanslation)

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New song: Dina drömmar

After writing and recording a more folk-inspired song I felt it was time for some good old punk-rock tunes. I’ve been using AmpliTube 3 for the guitar and bass to find the late 70’s sound I was looking for and the drums was made with Superior drummer 2, N.Y. Avatar kit.

The lyrics is somehow political. The exact meaning of the lyrics is something that even I’m not sure about so that’s up to everyones own imagination.

The cover though presents a picture from a rally during the strike in Ådalen 1931 which led to five people getting killed by Swedish military.

Anyhow, hereby i present for you my new song “Dina drömmar”:

Download as Mp3

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New song: Den vackraste stunden

After almost half a year i finally got I new song recorded. This time it’s a song in swedish and mora like my older songs.

And here it is:


To download it as MP3 just right click here

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On the radio

Nu i veckan hade jag den stora äran att få vara med i P4 Västmanland som dagens demo. En intervju och uppspelning av Fagersta.
Intervjun kan ni lyssna på här, eller direkt här i bloggen:

“Fagersta” finns att ladda ner här, eller lyssna direkt i Spotify:

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New song: I’m not the only one

Exactly one month ago I finally got my studio equipment and since then a lot of my spare time has been spent i front of the computer recording my first release since more than half a year. This time I got some really good studio stuff so from now on I can make great productions from my own home.

So hereby i present for you my new song: “I’m not the only one”

If you want to download it as MP3 just click here – just right-click and choose “save-as”.

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