Here are links and photos from some media appearances through the years.

2016-01-03 Global Village @ PBSFM (Australia)

2015-12-21 Fagersta-Posten

“När Jon Magnusson la sina slantar på egen hemmastudio växlade han upp tempot i sitt musikskapande. Nu senast med trespåriga ep:n Dina drömmar.

2007 lämnade han tryggheten i Fagersta och sin uppväxtsort Vad, för att studera till socionom i huvudstaden. I Stockholm bor han kvar än i dag, men flera av hans låtar är helhjärtat skrivna för hemstaden, som att föra en musikalisk dagbok.”

2015-12-13 Bluesbunny

“Normally, I would run a mile from any bedroom based musician regardless of genre yet there was something honest about Jon Magnusson’s EP “Dina Drömmar” that captured my attention.

It is true that he has his limitations. His voice, for example, struggles to inject emotion into “Ode to a Friend” but he nonetheless manages to handle “Partisanen” with an entirely appropriate mix of dryness and drama. It’s a respectful way to treat that particular song.

He then draws upon his punk influences to make the upbeat title track “Dina Drömmar” as much a statement as a song and that very energy makes this the best song on the EP.

This isn’t the music to change the world but the Jon Magnusson’s honesty and straightforward approach actually makes it quite refreshing.”

2015-12-07 Meadow Music

“Jon Magnusson has released the EP “Dina drömmar”, where the title track stuck in my head. It’s a charming song which reminds me a bit of Kjell Höglund.”

2015-12-07 Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast

2015-12-05 The modern folk music of America

jon magnusson is a swedish singer/songwriter. his newest work is called ‘dina drommar’, a three song EP put together in a burst of creativity brought on by the wonders of some new recording equipment.

it includes a really good version of the heartbreaking song ‘the partisan’, a tale of the french resistance against the nazis during world war two that dates to that time but was made famous by leonard cohen. the two original tunes are solid roots rock jams. i like the sentimental ‘ode to a friend’, the EP’s only song sung in english, a lot.

2015-02-06 Fagersta-Posten

fagersta posten

2015-02-01 Jamsphere

“There is some music that can change a listener’s mood. Jon Magnusson‘s music has the ability to change the way an individual thinks, over and above the mood it creates. The ease with which Jon slips his inspiring lyrics into the music creates a great feeling of comfort within the listener. Jon Magnusson is truly the total package when it comes to the ultimate auditory experience, as he does just about everything on the track. It is hard to put a finger on exactly what it is that makes his music so hypnotizing but whatever it is, he has it.”

2015-01-29 Absolute Noise

“Jon Magnusson is not Justin Bieber. He is even the opposite. I mean he is just a cool dude with no label, no music deal, nothing linked to any kind of business. But he sent me an email. A nice email with a link to his homepage that actually did not work. “I’m a musician and producer who records my own stuff in my home studio. I just released a new song in Swedish called “Psalm för syndare”. It’s a folk/pop song with a punky feeling”, he said. And he was right.”

2015-01-24 Being Blogged

“Här kommer Jon Magnusson med sin Psalm för syndare. Låten är inspirerad av en psalm, därav namnet. Och det låter riktigt bra. Jag gillar texten och låten har en riktigt schysst titel. Vi syndare har nu fått en psalm.
Klicka in!”

2013-02-16 P4 Västmanland

2012-01-20 Fagersta-Posten




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